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What can I expect from this Pregnancy Test - Beta HCG (Quantitative)

Simply put, this at-home test checks whether you're pregnant or not. Blood tests are capable of identifying Beta-HCG at lower concentrations than urine tests, enabling you to verify your pregnancy as early as possible.

They are available to collect from our wellness clinics in Milton Keynes and around the UK.

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Pregnancy (1 Biomarker)

Blood tests are capable of identifying pregnancy hormones at lower concentrations compared to conventional urine tests, allowing you to verify your pregnancy as soon as possible. The hormone Beta-HCG's presence is employed to confirm pregnancy, and its quantitative levels in your bloodstream can occasionally be utilised to establish the gestational age of your developing baby.


Beta-hCG is a protein produced in the placenta during pregnancy that is used to determine the stage of pregnancy.






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