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Wellness Clinics Based In Milton Keynes

We have clinics throughout Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire to Help You Hear, Feel and Live Better Nationwide.

Clearer Clinics are a group of wellbeing, aesthetic and general health treatment providers, run by a team of experience healthcare professionals.

Our backgrounds are broad and diverse within the NHS and private healthcare industries, and we also have extensive experience in the beauty treatment and beauty therapy sectors. Ours are a series of wellness clinics, based in Milton Keynes but offering treatments at various centres around the UK. Thanks to Clearer Ears, Clearer Training and Clearer Men, our reputation within the industry is well-established. We are now proud to offer vitamin injections and cryotherapy services, among others, under our new Clearer Clinics banner.


Patient Service is Paramount

No matter the treatment you require or the clinic from which you're receiving it, we'll ensure the highest standard of care.

Contact us on 07588 105060 or email enquiries@clearerclinics.com to learn more now.

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Our Services

Blood Tests / Diagnostics 

Get a complete picture of your health, thanks to our extensive and varied selection of blood tests and phlebotomy services. 


Wellness blocks spelt out

Vitamin Injections & Infusions 

Elevate your wellness journey with our revitalising vitamin injections, designed to boost energy, promote overall health, and enhance your immune system. 

Animated vitamin drips


Discover the power of our cutting-edge cryotherapy services! Embrace a painless solution that harnesses the precision of extreme cold to eliminate stubborn verrucas and skin tags restoring your skin's natural beauty and confidence.

Other Clearer Services

Other Clearer Services 

Our additional clearer services include Clearer Ears, Clearer Men and Clearer Training.

We offer a variety of services including ear microsuction, male aesthetics and health and safety training.



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 What Our Customers Say

  Brilliant service!...

Brilliant service! Lee was very friendly and professional and procedure was quick and pain-free. I can now hear crystal clear again and would 100% use them again in the future. Thank you! Georgie Richardson, Clearer Ears   |     |  

  Very professionally done...

Having attended the training with Clearer Ears, which was very professionally done, I have a better understanding of how and why wax problems occur and am also able to offer a quick and lasting solution Maureen Aruede, Clearer Training   |     |  

  Would definitely highly recommend....

I have seen Lee and his wife now and both are very professional – explained everything very clearly, and done a great job. They both know what they are talking about. Would definitely highly recommend. Paul Griffin, Clearer Ears   |     |  






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Highly Skilled, Customer-Focused Service

How can we treat you? Whichever of our wellness clinics, based in Milton Keynes or anywhere else in the UK, that you're visiting, rest assured that you'll be receiving the highest quality care.

Call 07588 105060 or email enquiries@clearerclinics.com to enquire today.

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