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Are you tired of dealing with excessive body hair or facial hair? Does shaving and waxing leave you uncomfortable and sore? Say goodbye to the hassle of regular grooming and embrace smoother, clearer skin with Clearer Clinics. Whether you want to tidy up your eyebrows or eliminate excess body hair, we're here to help.

Come to our laser clinic in Milton Keynes; we have hair removal treatments for everyone. Discover our range of options below and book your treatment today!

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          UPPER BODY          

            LOWER BODY           

              FULL BODY             



We offer great value hair removal for the beard and neckline, negating the need to shave every day, giving smoother clearer skin overall. You can also deal with un-shapely eyebrows, ear and nostril hair, or any other facial hair problems. With our help you can create a cleaner neater version of yourself!

Man with groomed brows


Remove unwanted hair between the eyebrows and leave a more friendly expression.

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Man with groomed beard

Beard and neck

 Reduce the need for shaving and help reduce shaving rash and irritation.

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Mans ear


 Unsightly ear hairs can be treated quickly and effectively with our help.

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Man nose and lips close up

Nasal hair

 Remove hair from inside the nose.

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From hairy backs to hairy hands, we can deal with it all. We provide a wide range of packages for hair removal in Milton Keynes, enabling you to have a smooth upper body, and spend less time dealing with shaving or waxing.

You can choose from the following hair removal options

Man getting underarm laser hair removal


Improve your ease of personal hygiene, and reduce arm-pit hairs permanently.

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Mans back

Full back

Back hair is one of our most popular hair removal options, and we offer a full back hair reduction service.

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Man getting laser hair removal on arm


We can help you reduce hair on your arms, forearms, and wrists.

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Man getting shoulder laser hair removal


If you are self-conscious about shoulder hair, and shaving it is a problem, laser treatment is a great option.

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Man getting chest laser hair removal


We can help you achieve a smoother chest, and help reduce shaving rash and irritation.

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Man getting laser hair removal on stomach


For a less hairy stomach, we have a hair reduction package that is perfect for you.

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Man getting hand laser hair removal


Hairy hands can be counteracted with our specially created package for removing unwanted hair from hands and knuckles.

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Man getting laser hair removal on back

Back of Neck

This area can be problematic for shaving due to it being hard to see, so our laser hair removal is a great option.

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Leg hair can be very difficult to remove, and can cause shaving rash, cuts, and numerous other problems. If you want smoother legs, and don't want shaving rash, Clearer Men are here to help. We offer a wide range of lower body hair removal packages:

Leg laser hair removal

Half legs

Our half leg treatment reduces your leg hair within just a few sessions.

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Full leg laser hair removal

Full legs

You can have smoother legs and from upper thigh to ankle, with our full legs package.

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feet laser hair removal


This package covers the top of each foot, including the toes.

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 full body laser hair removal


We offer full body hair removal (excluding private parts), enabling you to have the smooth body you've always wanted. We offer the complete package for laser hair removal in Milton Keynes. No more shaving, no more waxing, no more in-grown hairs, and no more razer rash! Book your full body hair removal session here.

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