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Cryotherapy Based In Milton Keynes

We offer Cryotherapy services in our multiple clinics throughout Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire

This includes verruca, wart and skin tag removal in Herts, Beds and Bucks.


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What exactly is cryotherapy, though?

 It involves the use of liquid nitrogen to remove unwanted skin imperfections. This treatment is much more efficient and leaves minimal scarring, compared to other such treatments.



Warts, Verrucas and Skin Tags

Verrucas and warts are small growths on your skin that can look like a blister or, in more extreme cases, a small cauliflower. If it appears on the sole of your foot, it's classed as a verruca. They can take up to two years to disappear! Let us take care of them for you, clearing up your skin. Skin tags, on the other hand, are harmless growths that often appear at places on the body that frequently rub together or against clothing.

Our service for skin tag removal in Milton Keynes can take care of them for you.

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What Can I Expect with Cryotherapy?

Each individual session takes 20 minutes and involves the use of liquid nitrogen which, of course, is very cold. It may leave your skin blistered, itchy and painful for a number of days, after which, a scab will form. This will last for a week to a week and a half, after which it will fall off. The most important aftercare you can perform is to leave the site alone.



1-3 Lesions: £55

4-6 Lesions: £80

7-10 Lesions: £105

Repeat Treatments: £45



  THANK YOU! I am so very grateful...

I thought you would want to know, that after the extra cryotherapy treatment you did to my fingers, and then the trial you did to one of my finger nails that I was still waiting for my GP and dermatologist to come back on, the whole condition just went away. For a couple of weeks it had looked like slow progress, then suddenly over a couple of days everything on my hands totally disappeared. I was so pleased that I thought I would book with you to have a go at a persistent verucca on my foot that I have been suffering with since the early 1990’s. That morning when I went to take a picture to show you, I found it had also gone. It seems that (I am guessing here) your treatments have tackled and beaten the whole viral load and I am currently without any issues - THANK YOU! I am so very grateful as this has been going on for years.   |     |  





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