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 Clearer Clinics is a group that offers a variety of aesthetics, health and wellness treatments in Milton Keynes and around the UK.

We were founded by the husband-and-wife duo of Lee and Sue – both seasoned healthcare professionals with backgrounds in the private and public healthcare industries, as well as holding experience in the beauty industry. Following their lead is a team of equally qualified and experienced service providers, fully vetted and trained to provide the highest quality services at our wellness clinics, in Milton Keynes and around the UK. Customer focus is our highest priority so, you can be sure, when you choose Clearer Clinics, you'll be greeted with service that puts you first.





Sue from Clearer Clinics

About Sue

Sue is an experienced healthcare professional with a background in beauty therapy and midwifery. Skincare has always been a significant part of her career, with patients frequently asking about such services, even when they were not her primary focus. Now, they are.

The opportunity was too good to miss and, backed by her team of healthcare experts, she helps lead Clearer Clinics in offering these services for customers around the country.

 Lee From Clearer Clinics

About Lee

Lee is a registered Bedfordshire Primary Care and Pre-Hospital healthcare professional, offering aesthetic and wellness treatments in Milton Keynes and at various other clinics dotted around the country.

He is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and is a qualified Expert Injector, priding himself on the honest approach he takes to all consultations and the safe and appropriate treatments that he administers.





Clearer Clinics Logo


Why we do what we do

Ear care, phlebotomy services, cryotherapy skin care and wellness treatments in Milton Keynes and around the country – you might consider these to be a bit of a ragtag group of services but we've brought them together for a reason: these valuable services used to be available through your local GP but, unfortunately, as the financial squeeze on the NHS continued, providing them was no longer viable.

We're here to pick up and run with the baton, as it were, providing these expert services, at reasonable prices, with a focus on customer satisfaction.



What Our Customers Say

  Clearer Ears are absolutely brilliant!...

Clearer Ears are absolutely brilliant! Lee and Lisa are both really friendly and so competent too, and I'm very grateful to them for the treatment they provided - I can actually hear now! Thank you, Lee and Lisa, for the great service! Rabia Khan, Clearer Ears   |     |  

  She was very patient and supportive....

An excellent tutor, giving clear information and more than willing to answer any questions. She was very patient and supportive. Kerry Moore, Clearer Training   |     |  

  Excellent service - fast, professional and friendly...

Excellent service - fast, professional and friendly. Earwax was successfully removed within a few minutes and I didn't feel a thing! Thank you. Julie Dalton, Clearer Ears   |     |  







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We offer a wide variety of aesthetic and wellness treatments, in Milton Keynes and around the UK, each professionally administered by an expert in healthcare.

Call 07588 105060 or email enquiries@clearerclinics.com to enquire today.

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