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Are you fed up of having excessive body hair or facial hair? Does shaving or waxing leave you sore? You can say goodbye to tedious shaving, and have smoother, clearer skin overall, with Clearer Men. Whether you want to deal with a unibrow, or have excess body hair, we are here to help. We perform laser hair removal in Milton Keynes, and give men across the local area the chance to receive high quality laser treatments with the privacy, discretion, and professionalism that they deserve. Book your treatment here, or browse through the range of options below.

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Facial Hair Removal

Enjoy the convenience of smooth, clear skin on your face without the need for waxing. Our laser hair removal services cover various facial areas, including:

Female facial laser hair removal

Full face

Remove unwanted facial hair with our laser hair removal device for a painless and effective hair reduction service.

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Eyebrow laser hair removal


You can reduce the need for plucking and reshaping eyebrows, with our eyebrows package.

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Female getting laser hair removal on her chin


If you need to remove hairs from around and under the chin, this package is a great option.

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Female ears


Remove outer and inner ear hair with our specialist package

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Female lip laser hair removal


Lip hair can be very difficult and painful to remove. Our laser treatment is virtually pain free by comparison.

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Female touching her nose


Nostril hair can be a thing of the past with our effective treatment package.

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Upper Body

Unwanted hair on the upper body can be bothersome. Let us help you achieve a smooth and hair-free look with our range of hair removal options, including:

Underarm laser hair removal


With our long lasting results, you can say goodbye to armpit hair permanently.

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Full arm laser hair removal

Full Arms

This package covers the whole arm from the deltoid to the wrist.

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Half arm laser hair removal

Half Arms

 From elbows to the wrists, get flawlessly smooth arms.

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Female shoulder laser hair removal


For permanent shoulder hair removal, this is a great treatment.

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Female chest laser hair removal


Remove unwanted chest hairs and save shaving, waxing or plucking.

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Female hands laser hair removal


Have smoother, less hairy hands with this laser treatment package.

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Female back laser hair removal

Full Back

This package covers the full back, and gives a permanent and flawless result after a full course of treatments.

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Half back laser hair removal

Half Back

For the area below the neck and above the waist line, this is the hair removal package you need.

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Lower Body

Dealing with leg hair can be a tedious task, leading to irritation and cuts. Say goodbye to shaving rash and embrace smooth legs with our lower body hair removal packages:

Hollywood female laser hair removal


This entails complete pubic hair reductions from the front and between the buttocks.

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Bikini line laser hair removal

Bikini Line 

Reduce the need for bikini line waxing, and have a great look ready for the beach or the pool.

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Brazilian laser hair removal


This package leaves the entire pubic region bare, and eliminates the need for painful waxing, shaving, or plucking.

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Half leg laser hair removal

Half Legs 

For lower leg hair removal we offer a complete laser package for your shins, ankles, knees and calves.

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Full leg laser hair removal

Full Legs

 This treats unwanted hairs from the ankle right up to the tops of the thighs.

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Feet laser hair removal


This includes the tops of both feet and the tops of the toes as well.

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 Full body laser hair removal

Full Body

Get ready to experience the joy of having a smooth body all over. Our full-body hair removal packages offer a comprehensive solution, eliminating the need for shaving, waxing, and dealing with ingrown hairs or razor rash.

Book your full-body hair removal session at our laser clinic in Milton Keynes today!

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